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About Us

Dai xiaobing, CEO of Etta Biotech Co., Ltd., has been awarded the “Gusu Entrepreneurship and Innovation Leading Talent”. He graduated from the university of uppsala, Sweden and the Chinese academy of sciences, owning a dual degree in biology and systematics.
His rich R&D and marketing experience accumulated for many years in Mycronic AB in Sweden which is one of the well-known companies in the international electronics industry, makes Dr Dai having the interdisciplinary and cross-industry knowledge base of biology and semiconductor electronic, and comprehensive management experience of R&D, production management and marketing.
Dr Dai has a deep understanding of the biology and electronics industry, and gives an in-depth insight into domestic and international business situations. Hence, his experience in R&D and industrialization will help to push the copmpany into domestic and international markets rapidly. As the inventor, he has applied for 26 patents, including 12 patents, 10 utility models and 4 design patents.
Dr Dai runs the development and operation of products. And, in addition to technological innovation and product innovation, he has promoted the innovation of industrialization of the company.



Zhihong Li, professor of Peking University, PhD supervisor, famous expert in MEMS/NEMS, deputy director in Key Laboratory of micron / nanoscale processing technology, Ph. D. in microelectronics and solid electronics of Peking University, visiting scholar of University of California, Davis as well as Cornell University, the expert of Guidance Group for the “Basic Research of Nano Manufacturing” of major research program of the Natural Science Foundation, vice chairman of MEMS & NEMS Society of China, CIS, has hosted the 863 plan, advanced research of national defense, national natural and scientific fund etc. And he has released more than 100 theses, including over 40 SCI articles. He was invited to give speech for more than 10 times. In addition, he has also applied more than 20 patents, among which 6 patents have been granted the license.
Zhihong Li has provided technical guidance and consultation for the Etta’s R&D team, and he could also take advantage of the human resource in MEMS and ask the experts’ for help if there is any technical difficulty in Etta’s development.



Zicai Liang, the special expert of The Recruitment Program of Global Experts, PhD of Uppsala, professor of Department of Medicine in Karolinska, professor of Institute of Molecular Medicine, Peking University, Ph. D. in microelectronics and solid electronics of Peking University, PhD supervisor, director of Nucleic Acid Technology Research Laboratory, deputy director of Academic Committee, member of Biology Academic Degrees Committee in Peking University, Director of China's Small Nucleic Acid Alliance, Director of Kunshan Small Nucleic Acid Base, honorary director of Nucleolus Research Institute, the host of 863 key projects of China's first siRNA country. And he has presided over lots of 863 programs and major national new drug creation project, and he has also achieved innovational progress in DNA chip, antisense nucleic acid and non coded RNA and proteomic technology. And he has published many theses in the international first-class magazine such as PNAS, Science, Cell Metabolism, Nucleic Acid Research , Cancer Research. The average influence factor is about 6.4. He has published more than 200 theses and owned 8 patents.

Zicai Liang is the person in charge of cell transfection in creative technology team, and he plays a crucial role in the customers’ needs and performance of Etta electronic transfection apparatus. As the leader in the small nucleic acid pharmaceuticals field, he will provide vital guidance in Etta’s research and production and assist Etta in making decision on the development direction as well as market positioning.





Founding Team