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Job nature:

Full time

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No limit

Education background:

Regular college

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Job responsibilities:

1. Participate in the technology survey of new projects, collect and collate technical documents;

2. Be responsible for the design and development of new product softwares, including the upper computer software, the lower computer software and related software testing tools;

3. Be responsible for developing software test plan and completing software debugging and testing;

4. Be responsible for preparing software technical documents and completing verification of technical documents;

5. Be responsible for compiling software burning instructions, software operation and other production related documents, and be in charge of solving software problems in product production;

6. Be responsible for the inspection, analysis and resolution of software bugs in the production and use of products;

7. Be responsible for software version upgrading, management and maintenance.



1. Owning bachelor degree or above, major in electronics and software, and having software industry experience;

2. Having a good master of C, C++ programming language, being familiar with STMS32 and other SCM, and proficient in the development and debugging of the embedded system, and having good programming habits;

3. Be strongly sensitive to products and good communication skills;

4. Having 2 years relevant working experience;

5. The person who has Java, Linux, Android programming experience being preferred.



Weekend double, paid annual leave, equity incentive, five social insurance and one housing fund, annual travel, annual physical examination, commercial insurance, holiday welfare, communication subsidy, etc.


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