Recent Updates

Dr. Dai Xiaobing, Chairman and CEO of Etta Biotech, shared his entrepreneurial journey, his vision and feelings in the special program "Entrepreneurship" on the CCTV Finance Channel "Entrepreneurship Heroes" on the evening of March 5.

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Product Display

X-Porator F1 with a maximum single treatment volume of up to 250ml.

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Some Demo Results

293F,TE: 94.2%, V: 92.7%.

CHO-S,TE: 95.0%, V: 98.5%. 

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User Testimony

Dr. Li

PhD student, Shandong University

"22RV1 cell gene editing efficiency meets customer
requirements and homologous repair efficiency is
being optimized."


Department heads, Cyagen Biosciences

"Compared with previous electroporator, the

experimental cost is greatly reduced."

Dr. Hu

R&D Director, Genepharma

"Lower cost with stable results."

Mr. Tan

Associate professor, SINANO of Chinese Academy of Sciences

"H1 leads to breakthrough in experiments. The results have been published in the Nano Research this year."

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