Etta Biotech丨"Invite" You to Meet in Nanjing • 2020.12.10-11

1. Meeting Information
The 2nd BMW 2020 Westward Journey of Realistic Biopharmaceuticals and Biopharmaceutical R&D Innovation and Process Optimization Forum strives to bring a comprehensive biopharmaceutical industry event to the general public, allowing you to acquire industry knowledge and understand development trends in a one-stop manner. The conference opened 3 major theme forums, covering new antibody drug research and development, process optimization & quality management, manufacturing and industrialization. Join hands with 40+ first-line experts to focus on cutting-edge industry progress, exchange the latest research results, discuss process bottlenecks, and accelerate the process of commercialization. Bring you a valuable biopharmaceutical event!

Suzhou Etta Biotech Co., Ltd. will bring Etta flow electrotransfection system X-Porator F1 and Etta cell electrotransfection system X-Porator H1 (upgraded version) to the ceremony!


Meeting time: 2020.12.10-11
Venue: Grand Ballroom 5F, Holiday Inn Nanjing Aqua City (No. 1, Jiankang Road, Qinhuai District, Nanjing)
Booth No.: No. 25


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2. Etta will show
(1) F1 flow electroporation system: completely solve the bottleneck problem of chemical transfection expression
- Pure physical transfection, will not introduce chemical interference factors to affect expression, and can increase the amount of plasmid
- Equipment with a complete solution, no need to optimize directly on the project to use

(2) H1 cell electroporation system: flexible, reliable and easy to use
- Rare alloy electrode material, effectively improve the activity rate and transfection efficiency
- Hundreds of domestic users


3. Product highlights
(1) Cell electrotransfection system X-Porator H1

"Rare alloy electrode materials, effectively improving the viability and transfection efficiency;
Hundreds of domestic users"


■ high transfection rates and high cell viability
■ amount of treated cells 1.5×105-1.0×107
■ applicable needle electrode and electrode cup
■ dedicated electrode base
■ cooperate with flow electrotransfection instrument for parameter optimization and verification

(2) Flow electrotransfection system X-Porator F1

"Protein high expression transient platform technology solves the bottleneck of chemical conversion, saving money and high efficiency;
Equipment + complete optimization plan, direct use to generate benefits"


■ amount of treated cells 1.5×107-1.0×1010
■ high transfection rates and high cell viability
■ consumables compliant with GMP standards
■ dedicated electroporation buffer
■ suitable for transient platform for high protein expression, such as antibody drug research and development and small batch production, IVD enterprise antibody raw material production

Welcome new and old customers to visit booth 25 to experience the products and discuss business opportunities together!

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