What is advantages of Etta electroporators?

Answer: 1 Ideal transfection efficiency and high cell viability can be achieved, under a rather uniform electric field with a lower voltage. 2 Applied for for cell numbers in the range of...

How to set the electroporation system? And how to choose optimum electroporation parameters?

Answer: The electroporation system is mainly based on the type of cells and the type of electrodes used. The common electroporation system of 96-well plate electrode needles is 1×10<sup>6</sup>...

How do you work out transfection efficiency present in your “Cell Databank”?

Answer: The ratio of GFP positive cells in total living cells is detected by the flow cytometry (BD Accuri C6) as the transfection efficiency.

Does the matrix electrode have using age limited?

Answer: Yes, it does have using age limited. Since the matrix electrode is made of biocompatible stainless steel materials, which has been removed non-biocompatible ions such as manganese, chromium ..

Any cell adhesion on needles during electroporation? whether results will be affected, if electrodes reused?

Answer: No. A series of experimental tests show that, when the diameter of needle electrodes was adjusted to 400 μm, the liquor tension between two adjacent electrodes could be eliminated. So ...

What are main parameters in operation of Etta electroporators?

Answer: It includes electrode type, voltage (V), pulse duration (μs), interval time, and pulse number (ms).

How long of the maximum control distance between the pad and the device?

Answer: About 15m. Besides the pad we supplied, others PC installed the Etta APP could also control the device.