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1. Be responsible for daily management and department construction of R&D department;

2. According to the company's development strategy planning and business objectives, formulating the work objectives, plans, supervision, guidance, supervise and implementation of R&D projects controlling of the department, and providing necessary support;

3. Being responsible for planning, organization and implementation of product design and development; Conducting feasibility study of new products, and R&D, process maintenance, and process and technical improvement of them;

4. Communicating effectively with all departments to achieve the R&D goals of new products;

5. Being responsible for reviewing various technical schemes and design documents;

6. Being able to effectively arrange and supervise the production of pilot and pilot tests;

7. Being responsible for reviewing the product process and standard operating procedures;

8. Reviewing the quality plans, guiding, supervising and inspecting the production technology; Timely dealing with technical and quality problems in R&D and production site;

9. Taking charge of the formulation and implementation of the company's quality management documents; participating in the establishment and implementation of technical standards, process standards and service standards;

10. Being responsible for organizing product certification;

11. Being responsible for the training of team members, and the assessment of their work;

12. Accomplishing other related work arranged by superior supervisor.



1. Owning Master degree or above, major in electromechanical integration, mechanical manufacturing, automation and control, etc.;

2. Having more than 5 years working experience as a R&D director/chief engineer;

3. Having experience in scientific research equipment/medical device related industries being preferred;

4. Having a deep understanding and successful experience in project management, R&D personnel echelon construction, R&D and technical standardization system formulation and process establishment;

5. Having strong ability of organization, planning, control, communication and coordination, innovation, analysis and problem-solving, pressure resistance, team management and keen insight and prediction of mechanical products;

6. Identifying with the company's values and corporate culture, putting the company's interests first, and willing to develop together with the company;

7. Having strong communication skills, teamwork spirit and team leadership;

8. Being honest and kind;

9. Having a passion for work, able to bear hardships and stand hard work, willing to learn, diligent and enterprising.



Weekend double, paid annual leave, equity incentive, five social insurance and one housing fund, annual travel, annual physical examination, commercial insurance, holiday welfare, communication subsidy, etc.


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