Big News/Six Departments Jointly Issue “The 13th Five Year” Hygiene and Health Science and Technology Innovation Special Plannin

Recently, six departments including Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC, National Health and Family Planning Commission of PRC, General Administration of Sports of China, China Food and Drug Administration, State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine of PRC and Logistics Support Department of the Central Military Commission, jointly issue “The 13th Five Year” Hygiene and Health Science and Technology Innovation Special Planning(Notes: Hereinafter referred to as Planning ).
Planning has proposed twelve main tasks including strengthening application fundamental research, promoting the cutting-edge technology innovation and translational medicine research, enhancing disease control and prevention level,ensuring the key population health, consolidating the control of health risk factors, developing the medical healthy products, developing new healthy service technology etc, among which the requirements are clearly listed as following: 
Strengthening application fundamental research: Aim at solving the key scientific problems related with human health and disease prevention and control, focus on key medical issues such as individual development, aging regulation, immunity, metabolism, brain science, environment and health, mental health, human microecology, stem cell and regenerative medicine, traditional Chinese medicine etc., strengthen the deployment of fundamental research, explore the law of disease occurrence and development, and provide theoretical basis for disease prevention and health promotion.
Promoting the cutting-edge technology innovation: Grasp the development trend of   science and technology frontier fields such as biology, information and engineering etc, accelerate the innovation breakthrough and application development of leading technologies, and tackle a number of key technologies of advanced clinical diagnosis and treatment needing urgent breakthrough. Focus on deploying the research and development of cutting-edge and generic technology including life omics, gene manipulation, precision medicine, medical artificial intelligence, early detection of disease, new detection and imaging, biological therapy, minimally invasive treatment etc, improve the original level of medical frontier in China, strengthen the supply of innovation driven sources and accelerate the frontier technological innovation and clinical transformation.

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