Etta Biotech Attended the 2015 Shenzhen Cell Biology Annual Conference

From Apr.1-Apr.4, 2015, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Centre in Guangdong Province has held the CSCB Fifteenth National Representative Meeting- 2015 National Academic Conference in Shenzhen. More than 2000 representatives, from the scientific research institution and higher education institution all over the country, have attended the meeting. And Etta Biotech is also invited to attend the conference.
This conference has set 2 special activities, including senior scientist and young scientist face to face communication and round table discussion, and 4 activities such as academic exchange of tumor research, new technology and products promotion, iBioChina recommendation, CST signal channel innovation technology demonstration. And the delegates speak highly of the academic report and specific activity organized by the CSCB as the academic report has represent the overall situation and the highest level of the current cell biology research area. 
The conference has played an important role in promoting the experts exchange and cooperation in the cell biology field, and it has the largest number of participants among all the conferences held by the CSCB, which also fully vindicated that the cell biology is one of the most active, rapidly developed subjects. 

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