Who is the champion Doctor Dai Xiaobing from Etta Biotech won the first prize in The Fifth Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship

On Aug.12, 2017, The Fifth Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition, on the theme of “Innovation & Entrepreneurship Win the Future”, has successfully completed in Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province.
Ever since the setup of the competition on May 26, 2017, Doctor Dai Xiaobing has stick out from 1836 entries and came to the final. The final, which has the largest scale, the highest rank, the largest number of people, was held from 9:00 to 11:00 on Aug.12, and Etta Biotech won the first prize with the highest score. 
The Award Ceremony was held from 15:00 to 17:00 pm on Aug.12.
The first prize winners (photo of three winners)
CEO Dai Xiaobing of Etta Biotech won the first prize
In the Award Ceremony, our CEO Doctor Dai delivered a brief acceptance speech, he said “Some people say that the success of a business is quite uneasy , I have experienced that and cannot agree more. It is the uneasiness shows that entrepreneurship is a systematic project of individual, family, team, government and social forces. So I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to Jiangsu Talents Association and Jiangsu Productivity Center for providing us with such good opportunity, to Suzhou City and Suzhou Industrial Park for creating a wonderful environment and great support for our project, and I also owe thanks to the judges for their affirmation, to Etta team’s hard work and support of our shareholders. Besides, I also give thanks to my wife and my family for their strong support.”
Doctor Dai delivered a brief acceptance speech
After the award ceremony, Doctor Dai said in the media interview, “ It’s difficult to start a business, more difficult to do business in scientific research and medical equipment field, especially in domestic scientific research and medical equipment field as domestic users are lack of confidence in the performance and quality of domestic equipment, and most of the products Etta develops are blank in the domestic market and some are blank even in the global markets. There is no experience to refer to, and we must depend on ourselves to do the research and development. And it is the unforgettable experience that we solve the problems and overcome the difficulties one by one. This award is the affirmation of all our efforts. Besides, it also strengthens our determination to create the brand of the international research and medical devices and equipment, and help the mankind to conquer cancer. Meanwhile, Dr. Dai expects domestic friends to know more about domestic equipment, to change the bias and support the domestic equipment. At last, Dr. Dai said, "Etta can win the first prize with the highest score. It is the affirmation of Etta and the support for our persistent development of domestic research and medical equipment business. However, this is only the icing on the cake, we shall not forget our aspiration, our company’s development is of overriding importance. We will continue to work hard, come on! "
The final and award ceremony of The Fifth Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition:
Introduction to the Competition
Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is held by Jiangsu Talents Leadership Team Office, sponsored by Jiangsu Talents Association, and organized by Economic & Information Commission of Jiangsu Province, Department of Jiangsu Education, Human Resource and Social Security Department of Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Culture, Jiangsu Communist Youth league,  Jiangsu Association for Science and Technology, Jiangsu Zhigong Party, Talents Office etc. The theme of the competition is “innovation and entrepreneurship, win for the future”, aiming at implementing the  development strategy of science, education and talented person boosting the province, further implement the "40 articles of scientific and technological innovation" and "26 new policies of new talent policy", and integrate the innovative venture resources to create a strong atmosphere of "mass entrepreneurship and innovation" to attract talented people from home and abroad to Jiangsu for innovation and entrepreneurship, and to provide talent and intellectual support for the realization of  the development of new Jiangsu.
Ever since its organizing in 2013, the competition is held annually, four times till now, and there are 16 first prizes, 50 second prizes, 100 third prizes and 107 excellent prizes. The news release of The Fifth Jiangsu Innovation & Entrepreneurship Competition is held on May 26, 2017, and received 1836 application projects, among which 245 came to the final after the careful selection. And Jiangsu Talents Association has high requirements for the projects, and they picked up 145 projects to enter the project road show part. The contestants introduced their entrepreneurship projects through PPT, and the experts analyzed and compared the projects according to the contestants’ overall performance, projects’ situation, the scientific content, future development etc. The competition has set up 3 first prizes (reward RMB 100,000), 10 second prizes (each reward RMB 30,000), 40 third prizes(each reward RMB 10,000), and 92 excellent prizes. All the award-winning projects are awarded the certificate, besides, each of the first and second prize winner have a trophy.

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