Within two months, we have received three orders of Etta flow electroporator X-Porator F1!

Etta flow electroporator X-Porator F1 is the result of four years of painstaking R&D and manufacturing of Etta Biotech. Less than two months after its launch, it has received orders from three antibody drug companies in Suzhou, Beijing and Hangzhou, showing users' affirmation of its performance!
The main performance of Etta flow electroporator X-Porator F1 is the transient transfection of a large number of engineered cells to produce antibody proteins, which has a great application prospect in the field of antibody drug development and production. In the user trial, the expression level of diplasmid system hIgG in CHO cells was 2-5 times higher than that in chemical transfection from one user. The expression level of single-chain anti-somatic particles with low expression by chemical transfection in CHO cells was increased by more than 40 times from another user.
At the same time, many experts and scholars from scientific research institutes/enterprises and industry personnel, through technical exchange and discussion with Etta employees, they expressed their recognition of the advanced nature of Etta's patented technology, and their affirmation of the products’ experiment results, and their strong demand for product trial.
(1) Super high cell solution treatment capacity 1.5×107-1.0×1010 cells,expandable.
(2) Flow HiDEN, Flow High Density Electrode Needle, is patented technology designed to create a highly even and stable electrical field under a lower valtage, which achieves high transfection efficiency and high viability.
(3) In GMP workshop, production, sterilization and quality inspection of consumables are conducted according to GMP standards.
(4) The special electroporation buffer (from Etta Biotech) can protect cells better and redcuce cell mortality, significantly enhancing the transfection efficiency.
(5) Applied to R&D, testing and small amount preparation.
(6) Reasonable and affordable equipment and consumable cost, obtaining an absolute dominance.

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