The exhibition is over! Etta Flow Electroporator, strength to build brand!

 On June 20, bioLIVE China 2019 exhibition • Shanghai has come to a successful  conclusion in Shanghai. Etta Biotech Co., Ltd presented the grand celebration with Etta Electroporator X-Porator H1 PLUS and Etta Flow Electroporator X-Porator F1, which constructed CHO cell scale transient and high expression system. The company focused on presenting the highly superior "CHO cell scale transient and high expression" solution to customers.
△ Group Photo of Etta Staff
During the exhibition, we communicated with customers from all over the world face to face, and the customers came in an endless stream to visit the exhibition. Etta staff always communicated with customers warmly and patiently, and conducted comprehensive product interpretation.
Experts, scholars and industry personnel from dozens of enterprises or research institutes have expressed great interest in series of Etta Electroporators, especially in the construction of CHO cell scale transient rotation and high expression system of X-Porator F1. Meanwhile, they were filled with anticipation towards the forthcoming Etta X-Porator M1 for immunotherapy.
They also showed their recognition of Etta's advanced patented technology, and their affirmation of the products’ experiment results, as well as their strong demand for product trial through technical exchange and discussion with Etta staff.
1.Exhibition Highlights
(1) Solution: CHO cell scale transient, high expression
(2) “Small” Electroporator for R&D
(3) “Big” Electroporator for R&D, Testing, Small-batch Preparation
The flow electroporator X-Porator M1,
best for immunotherapy, is coming soon!
2. Wonderful Scene Review

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